The morning welcomed us with snowfall! It was barely the beginning of autumn in Germany so we were really surprised by a white landscape around. We decided to have a short walk to the church visible on a hill on the other side of the village when snowfall finally stopped. As always with me this turned out to be a 10km hike with 500m elevation gain :p

First, we had to pass Queen Tamar Airport in Mestia which looks pretty cool! I need to admit that I love the location of this airport, so close to the mountains!

Next, the path turns left and crosses the Mulkhra river.

The path starts close to the church and snakes on a steep hill of Tskhakvzagari, a 2359 m height peak.

It got warmer in the sun, snow started to melt, … so most of the trek we had to spend sliding on a mixture of mud (with cow-poop mixed in ?) and snow. Not-so-great conditions!

However, once the sky opened and we could admire surrounding peaks covered with the snow, we didn’t think about the mud anymore. The view was absolutely beautiful!

After hiking approximately 2h it reaches the path leading to Koruldi lakes. We used it to come back down to Mestia. This part was really steep and with the combination of mud it turned out to be quite challenging not to fall.

It is possible to visit some of the towers in Mestia and even get on top of them, but wobbling, old ladders did not encourage us to do so. Watch out on the top level after the snow fall, could be really slippery!

Practical info:

  • entrance to the Khergiani tower – 2 lari