“We’ll never do this again!” that was a decision we made after approximately 32 km (however a year ago, during our first attempt, I was swearing the same :p). This year we were fast enough to avoid elimination and finished the Iron Viking (Water Edition) in 6 h 54 min. The goal was to run full marathon with +100 obstacles within 7.5 hours. The obstacles were very diverse, some of them required strength for lifting and hauling heavy weights (which were easier for Sebastian). I definitely preferred those with rings, metal tubes, ropes to go through which were for me, a climber, easier but still big challenge and a lot of fun!

The monkey bars are some of the easier obstacles to do... however during the second loop (29km in the run) it got considerably more difficult :p

A sudden lack of water in the showers forced us to spend the whole way back from the event in a pretty dirty condition :p

We are very proud of you Viking medals! OORAH! :D

Pain stayed with us for few days, in case of Sebastian a bit longer, but the memories from this run we'll cherish forever.